California is Banning Home Speculation, House Flipping and Real Estate Investing.. Add me on insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Real Estate Investing is a very risky job that is easy to do when the market is in an upward trend and challenging when times are uncertain – similar to today’s real estate market. No one knows if the economy will continue to increase or if we will see an economic crash that will crash the real estate market and we will see material costs plummet with lumber and other costs. However now we are seeing more and more challenges in Los Angeles with house flipping. There is a new bill that will ban in some senses of the word – house flipping and real estate speculation. This bill would impose an additional 25% tax on all house flipping which would then bring net taxes on profits to roughly 66%. This in turn would put an end to rapid real estate speculation and record breaking sales prices as more and more investors pull out of this real estate market. What do you think about real estate in CA and this new bill? Do you think that this will be the end of real estate investing and house flipping for small mom and pop property investors leading the way for big pools of capital to simply come in and acquire these assets for lower valuations and hold on to these properties for a longer period so that they can sell them later or simply ride the wave in CA and keep them as long term rentals in their portfolio?

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