Are Your Investment Decisions Based on Evidence or Hype?

Investment Strategies
In this episode, we explore the intriguing realm of exclusive access and so-called “secret recipes.” There’s always someone offering a shortcut to prosperity, but what’s the evidence behind their claims? We also dive into the stories of these “sub advisors” who confidently tout untested methods. What drives their confidence, and how do they build businesses without solid foundations?

Joining us today is Stuart Wemyss, a respected financial planner and author with a keen focus on both finance and property. Stuart is a trusted voice in the realm of finance, known for his down-to-earth explanations of complex concepts. What sets him apart is his commitment to evidence-based approaches. Instead of pushing quick fixes, Stuart values a well-informed perspective that’s free from hidden agendas.

By the end of this episode, you’ll be better prepared to navigate the complex world of property investment with a discerning eye. Tune in now to join the conversation and gain insights that could reshape your investment approach.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 – Introduction
01:21 – Who is Stuart Wemyss?
03:08 – Has Stuart’s philosophy and fundamental beliefs changed?
04:48 – Is the mortgage brokers industry undergoing a transformation?
10:53 – What factors contribute to the “all or nothing” mentality in property investment?
13:09 – The complexities of property investment compared to shares
20:28 – The misconceptions associated with timing the property market
24:58 – The volatility of the property market
26:03 – What are the common mistakes in asset selection that property investors make?
30:17 – Why is considering long-term consistency important in evaluating property investments?
34:49 – Alternative property investment strategies for individuals with limited budgets
37:45 – Alternatives to property investment recommended for building retirement wealth
39:46 – Stuart’s thoughts on investing in the share market while saving for property deposit
43:31 – The pros and cons of buying property within a superannuation fund
50:01 – Factors to consider when deciding between a home upgrade and property investment
54:55 – Stuart Wemyss’ property dumbo

About Our Guest:

➩ Stuart Wemyss is a qualified chartered accountant, independent financial adviser and mortgage broker with over 20 years’ experience. His business, ProSolution Private Clients, has helped hundreds of people invest successfully. Stuart is licensed to provide financial, credit and tax advice, which means he’s able to give holistic advice.Stuart has always believed in the need for people to be able to access trustworthy, independent financial advice. Nothing upsets him more than to hear about selfish advisers ripping off their unsuspecting clients! This passion is what drives him daily to write books and blogs, publish podcasts, appear in the media, advise his clients, mentor his staff and give presentations &– whatever it takes to help more people access a source of unbiased information and advice.

Connect with Stuart Wemyss:

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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➩ Episode 162: Houses vs Apartments
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