7 AI Strategies to Future-proof Your Real Estate Commission!

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I will show you how I took my business from a $250,000 company to over $1 million in profit within 12 months. I was able to scale my business while building my team so that I ultimately work less hours and make way more money. Go from a solopreneur to an entrepreneur that runs a 7 figure small business while working less than five hours a week!

Mike Simmons – Owner at Just Start Real Estate

Mike Simmons has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Serhant, Jocko Willink, Russell Brunsson, Walter Bond, Andy Frisella, and Tom Ferry, among others.

As the owner of a successful real estate investing company, and also a partner in one of the country’s largest real estate mentorship/mastermind companies, Mike specializes in helping entrepreneurs create systems, processes, and automations that allow them to work on their business and not be a slave to it. Mike has personally worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them optimize and grow their businesses.

Additionally, Mike is the producer and host of his own online show and has conducted over 500 interviews with entrepreneurs who run 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses.

Mike is a husband and father of two daughters and one son. Residing in Michigan, Mike is always looking for a reason to escape the cold weather and get to a beach!

Guillermo Serafin – LCA Moderator


00:00 – Start

01:33 – Mike Simmons Story
08:39 – Comparison Then vs Now
10:57 – The more you know

11:59 – The way we grow up
13:27 – You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself
15:11 – Raise your standards
16:26 – Flipping Homes
16:47 – The cause of waiting
19:15 – it’s hard to self analyze
19:55 – When did accelaration hit

24:39 – The value of KPI’s
25:54 – Following Instructions
27:44 – If you’re not coachable you’re doom to failure
30:10 – How often you change your KPI’s

32:59 – Building relationship with wholesalers
36:44 – Everything is negotiable
38:14 – Top opportunities in Real Estate
40:54 – What will you tell an agent want to learn, about needing money

44:13 – You Make money when you buy and sell
45:21 – Where to reach Mike

45:58 – End

Tristan Ahumada and Nick Baldwin, founders of the Lab Coat Agents Facebook Group, Lab Coat Agents, the largest real estate-related community group on Facebook with 140,000 members and growing.

What Tristan and Nick bring to the table is unique. They both run top teams in their markets of Malibu, CA, and Clarkston, MI. They are investors and Team Leaders at Keller Williams Market Centers and have a combined sales volume of over a billion dollars.

Their focus is on internet lead generation and conversion by leveraging automation in their real estate businesses. They firmly believe leverage is the new hustle.

Tristan and Nick aren’t simply speakers who talk about what agents should be doing to grow their business. They are agents who are implementing what they teach and have the results to show it. They also consult multi-million and billion-dollar companies on real estate tech and understanding the real estate agent as a whole.

They both have families that they support. Tristan’s wife is Janice and his two kids are Aliyah and Ansen, and Nick is married to Anne and has two kids, Levi & Gus.


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