Buying A House In 2023: A Step-By-Step Guide For First Time Home Buyers

Buying Real Estate
Buying a house in 2023 is easy as long as you prepare properly! Today you will learn the 13 steps to buy a house in 2022 and why each of them is important. In these steps, Nicole explains how to know when you are ready to buy a home, how to qualify for a home loan, the escrow process and more!

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0:30 – Step 1: Are you financially ready?
5:09 – Step 2: How much can you afford?
7:14 – Step 3: Do you have savings?
9:37 – Step 4: Hire the best Realtor
13:05 – Step 5: Get a loan pre-approval
15:39 – Step 6: Start house hunting
16:35 – Step 7: Make an offer
17:30 – Step 8: Get a home inspection
19:18 – Step 9: Negotiate repairs
20:32 – Step 10: Secure home insurance
21:19 – Step 11: Have the home appraised
23:46 – Step 12: Final Walk-through
25:03 – Step 13: Close on the house

Nicole Nark (NMLS 2476462) is licensed in all 50 states with the Dan Frio Team at Allied First Bank (NMLS 203463), an Equal Housing Lender. Separately, Nicole is a licensed Realtor and the Principal Broker of HomeWay Realty. HomeWay Realty is not a lender, does not issue loan qualifications, and does not extend credit of any kind. The topics discussed, and ideas presented are Nicole Nark’s opinions and presented for entertainment purposes only. The information presented should not be construed as financial or legal advice. Always do your own due diligence. This video is not an offer to lend and should not be used directly to make decisions on home offers, purchasing decisions, or loan selections. Not guaranteed to provide accurate results, imply lending terms, qualification amounts, or real estate advice. Seek counsel from a licensed real estate agent, loan originator, financial planner, accountant, and/or attorney for real estate, legal, and/or financial advice. Allied First Bank is not affiliated with the VA, FHA, or any other government agency. This video has not been approved by any government agency.

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