6 Real Estate Investing Lessons from the 2008 Housing Bubble

Investment Strategies
In the rubble of the 2008 housing crash are some of the most valuable lessons for today’s real estate investors. Learn why! How can a crisis that wiped out fortunes actually pave the way for successful real estate investing? 6 Real Estate Investing Lessons from the 2008 Housing Bubble – Join us as we embark on a journey through the wreckage, unearthing wisdom that could safeguard your investments and set you up for unprecedented success. #realestateinvestors #housingbubble

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00:00 Introduction
00:40 Takeaway #6 – Clearly Define and Communicate Goals With Partners
02:20 How To Stay Current In The Housing Market
02:48 Takeaway # 5 – Have A Reserve Fund
04:04 Takeaway # 4 – Quality Over Quantity
05:43 Takeaway # 3 – Stay Disciplined
07:24 Takeaway # 2 – Invest For The Long Run
07:46 What Is Leveraged Appreciation
08:17 Investment Example Explained
09:19 Takeaway # 1 – Understand The Market
11:06 The Harsh Lesson Of The 2008 Housing Bubble
12:18 Tips For Buyers + Tips For Sellers

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