The M.A.D. Strategy & Private With Joe McCall & Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority

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The M.A.D. Strategy & Private With Joe McCall & Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority

Joe McCall is a Real Estate Investor, Creative Financing Consultant, Outsourcing & Marketing Expert

He is the host of the “Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast” and the author of 4 different real estate investing books.

He knows what it’s like to feel stuck — like you can’t get any traction when it comes to your income or lifestyle. He was there, and he knew there was another way. His life changed when he discovered real estate investing and lease options.

As a former Civil Engineer responsible for the design and build of power plants across the country, Joe McCall’s superpower lies in his ability to simplify complex business processes and problems. A business owner and real estate investor for more than 10 years, Joe is a master at building a business with a “niche within a niche” mentality, using technology as the foundation for customer acquisition, sales, and deliverability.

Joe only works a few hours a week on the “deals” side of his business, while his virtual team consistently flips several deals a month – all for him, in spite of him.

Joe is an expert at flipping properties remotely. In the last several years, Joe has built his business in a way that has allowed him to spend months at a time traveling the world to places like Prague, Czech Republic, and 3 months traveling the northwestern part of the US in an RV, with his wife and four kids. While he traveled, he was still able to flip deals in 4 different markets – all remotely – all with very little of his involvement.

Joe believes that there are three keys that equate to success in virtually any business:

1. Marketing
2. Automation
3. Delegation

0:01 – Raising Private Money with Jay Conner
0:03 – Today’s Guest: Joe McCall
3:12 – Health Scare Leads To Business Reflection
7:57 – Recurring Revenue, Building A team & A Support Network
11:50 – Learn To Identify More Important Things
13:40 – Enough Is Never Enough When It’s Not About You
15:03 – Pray For Faith, Take Responsibility For Your Action
20:00 – There Is No U-Haul Behind The Hurts
20:50 – “Deathbead Thoughts Of A Successful Entrepreneur” – Mike Michalowicz
23:22 – Learn To Find Good Deals
25:10 – Pitch Whatever You Are Doing Confidently & Strategically
29:06 – The Worst Time To Raise Private Money Is When You Need It
29:21 – Lease Options Are Great For Making Money
33:59 – Connect With Joe McCall:

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