How to Buy Your First Apartment Complex (Step-By-Step)

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Chandler David Smith just bought another apartment complex! In this video, he shares everything that you need to know to purchase, finance, and manage an apartment complex as a profitable investment. He shares why it is better to use a loan even if you have the cash to purchase the building outright. He also shares how you should not just take any loan, but you should prepare your credit to be able to negotiate a good deal, but also not take the first one that comes, because there are pro’s and con’s to different loans and lenders. Once you build a good relationship with your lender, you can explain everything about the deal, so you can get the best loan for the property.

Chandler also shares his criteria and checklist for choosing the best apartment to buy. Look for a property that has good cashflow and good appreciation. Always do a thorough inspection.

Make sure you watch this video until the end to get the answer to all of the following questions:

Are apartments good investments?
Is buying apartment buildings ethical?
Best questions to ask when buying apartment buildings?
What to look for when buying apartment?
How buying an apartment works?
Why buying an apartment complex is NOT a bad idea?
What should you know before buying an apartment?
How to negotiate buying apartment building?
How to get a great deal when buying an apartment building?
How to finance an apartment building?

Then you NEED to watch this video!

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