Portugal Real Estate – Q&A for Buying & Renting Property

Buying Real Estate
How to safely secure your dream home in Portugal…

Whether it’s to buy or rent, or if you are looking for a property to support your visa application, don’t miss your chance to get the latest updates and get our expert’s advice for all your questions.

It’s very much a seller’s/landlord’s market at the moment, with a high demand for properties and a short supply, particularly in the expat hotspots. You may find your dream house, only to have it slip through your fingers or be pressured to close the deal and miss carrying out essential checks or overpay. Independent advice is crucial.

A common visa requirement is demonstrating that you have appropriate accommodation in Portugal and one that also meets government requirements. Unfortunately, failing to do so could result in your application being rejected. For example, if you’re unknowingly buying a property that’s not legally classed as habitable or if your rental contract is not in accordance with Portuguese law.

With rising prices and a short supply of good rental options in larger cities, renting in particular becomes even more problematic especially if you are required to apply from your home country thousands of miles away, but already need to have secured property in Portugal as part of the visa application.

We know from your feedback and questions, it is one of the most difficult areas. so to help you prepare and avoid costly mistakes, we are delighted to be hosting experts Casa Portuguesa.

Casa Portuguesa’s specialist team are highly knowledgeable in all stages of the buying and renting process as well as ensuring the legitimacy of a contract to conform with any visa requirements you may need to fulfil.

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