Should You Wait to Buy a House? Housing Market Just Got Worse

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Housing Market Just Got Worse for Homebuyers. Should You Wait to Buy a House?

The 2023 housing market is chugging along, wrapping up the spring selling season and reigning in the next stage of this housing correction. In this video we cover just how bad it currently is, how unaffordable it is to enter home ownership right now. If it’s worth buying today, worth selling, or instead waiting. We go over when and how long is appropriate to wait before buying a house, and if you absolutely need to buy now, we provide some basic insight into what to do.

We also review the payment-to-income ratio for home buyers on a local level, we look at this metric on a national level, but also on a local level. We also show you how you can analyze your local area yourself as well.

This video is not financial advice.

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