Brisbane Property Mastery: The Key to Success Lies in Finance-Strategy Match

Investment Strategies
We are very excited to invite you to join us virtually with some of Brisbane’s most knowledgeable local property experts to talk through the Brisbane property market and the importance of a finance-strategy match.

We will explore the Brisbane property market and how integral it is to match your finance strategy with your investment strategy when creating your investment portfolio.

You will have the opportunity to listen to our panel discuss current market dynamics, and where we have seen investors make mistakes. We will help you to understand how you can avoid these pitfalls for yourself.

Panel Guests:

Melinda Jennison – Director Streamline Property Buyers
Scott Jennison – Acquisition Manager Streamline Property Buyers
Youeil Shol – Finance Specialist at Loan Market
Danielle Mutzelburg – Director at Beacon Business Accountants

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