How to Invest in Real Estate with $10K in 2023

Investment Strategies
Want to know how to invest in real estate with $10,000? For most people, $10,000 doesn’t sound like enough to start a rental property portfolio. But today, you’ll learn exactly how to turn this easily savable amount of money into the foundation for financial freedom. If you want to know the nine ways you can begin building wealth through real estate with $10,000 or less, stick around!

David Greene, Henry Washington, and Rob Abasolo all started their real estate investing journeys without stacks of cash. They had to scrimp, save, and hustle to get to their first property. But, once the cash flow wheel started to turn, all of these investors quickly multiplied their real estate holdings and sailed straight for financial independence. And now, they want to help you do the same!

David, Henry, and Rob all share their favorite ways to invest in real estate with $10,000, the risks and rewards of each of these strategies, and pit each method against the others in a strategic showdown on the BEST way to invest in real estate with little money. They even share the fastest ways to save up $10,000, so you can start investing sooner! So if you want to make 2023 THE year you start investing, even if you don’t have much savings, stick around!

00:00 Intro
01:07 Quick Tip
01:54 Invest with $10K
03:49 Saving Your First $10K
09:52 1. Cheap Markets
13:13 2. Partnerships
15:48 3. Rental Arbitrage
18:36 4/5. House Hacking and REITs
19:35 6. Glamping
21:54 7. Off-Market Deal Finding
23:30 8/9. Education and Mentorships
26:20 Which is Worth The Risk?
32:06 BATTLE of the Strategie
49:38 Connect With the Hosts!

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What Should a New Real Estate Investor Do With $10,000?

What Should a New Real Estate Investor Do With $10,000?

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