Refined Real Estate Rescue: Hilarious Stories, Valuable Updates, and Expert Advice For Investors

Step into an episode that seamlessly weaves captivating stories, valuable updates, and expert advice tailored for real estate investors. Brace yourself for Manny’s hilarious account of how the Refined Real Estate Podcast came to his rescue, averting a monumental traffic ticket.

Janelle also delivers a comprehensive real estate update, immersing you in the pulse of the market. But that’s not all—she unveils her step-by-step electrical renovation tips, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on your next project.

And don’t miss Ian’s enlightening USA business updates. He uncovers fresh opportunities that can shape your investment strategies, not just for today, but for the future as well. Stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions.

Delve into the importance of implementing efficient systems and processes to maximize profits in the real estate industry. Discover how networking can be a game-changer, expanding your connections and opening doors to thrilling opportunities.

Prepare to be informed, entertained, and inspired as you immerse yourself in the Refined Real Estate Podcast. This episode is an absolute must-watch, offering laughter, expert insights, and surprises that will leave you craving more!


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About Us:

The Refined Real Estate Podcast will discuss a wide range of topics related to real estate investing, from finding the best properties to flipping houses, from legal and financial considerations to the latest market trends. Janelle, Ian and Manny will also be sharing their own experiences, successes, and lessons learned along the way.

We are thrilled to be launching this podcast, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and insights with you. Join us on this journey, and let’s make it happen together!


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Episode #22

01:20 Manny’s Funny Story
03:11 Janelle’s Real Estate Update
05:28 Step By Step Electrical Renovation Tips
07:34 Ian’s USA Business Updates
12:59 Importance Of Implementing Systems
15:22 Importance of Networking in Real Estate
18:44 Value of The Blake Wilson Mortgage Group
19:28 Buildings For Sale

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