The Underrated Investing Strategy 95% of People DON’T Know About

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This underrated real estate investing strategy will knock out 95% of your competition. Don’t believe us? David Greene and Christian Bachelder have been using this exact strategy for years to purchase properties even when competition is fierce and inventory is low. They then take these properties, massively multiply the equity, increase the cash flow, and get a new loan that helps them walk away with their initial investment in hand. But will this still work in 2023?

We’re back on another Mortgage Monday! This time, DSCR loans (debt service coverage ratio) come into play as David and Christian touch on snagging homes that average home buyers CAN’T purchase. That’s right, these homes are completely off-limits for the everyday primary residence shopper, meaning you can come in and sweep up deals for cheap! But you’ll need to know what to look for.

Have you tried this underrated investing strategy before? Have any questions on how you can get it done? Let us know in the comments below!

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DSCR Loans: What Are They And How To Get The Best Terms

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00:00 Invest in ANY Market
00:57 1. BRRRR an Untouchable Property
04:43 2. Force Equity with Extra Space
07:19 100% Renovation Financing
09:48 The Best Loans for Investors

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