-LIVE- 6/23: Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show

Buying Real Estate
Join our Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show with a team of experts on 3 different islands answering your questions about buying a home in Hawaii.

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00:00 Show Start 6/23/23
00:19 Lineup
01:21 Intro – Dylan Nonaka
03:34 Intro – Heidi Dollinger
04:59 Intro – Ashliey Wasson
07:12 News & Market Update 6/23/23
07:14 Airline Flash Sale
08:03 Kilauea Volcano On and Off
08:27 Lower Taxes for Oahu
08:51 Save the Manta Rays
09:33 Protesting unlimited clean energy
11:45 Oahu Market Update 6/23/23
16:01 Maui Market Update 6/23/23
19:42 Big Island Market Update 6/23/23
23:08 Geothermal Energy Protests – why?
24:30 Local style get along politics
25:34 Bootleggers and Baptists in Hawaii
27:05 Hawaii pitfalls – govt
29:20 100% clean by 2045?
31:48 Can we live on solar power
33:49 Geothermal advantage
34:41 Hawaii tax credits for solar?
35:19 Madame Pele supports geothermal energy?
37:00 Great night in Waikiki
38:28 Iceland knows geothermal
39:57 Unpermitted home – good idea?
55:15 Buying sight unseen?
56:13 Maui 3bd/3ba half acre $1.95M
57:41 Oahu 5bd/3ba 3 car garage $1.35M
1:01:11 Big Island 4bd/4ba $1.3M
1:05:02 Closing Motivational Thoughts

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