Explain It w Caroline & Ingryd: Get Started in Real Estate Investing w Joshua Meyer

Investment Strategies
Josh Meyer currently owns 36 buy & hold units (9 properties) 22 of those were done purchased via sub to/creative financing. Of the 9 properties Joshua has put exactly $53,690 down to own all of them. The current valuation of his portfolio is $2,040,000 (+ $700,000 from the fire insurance) with monthly rents of $27,895.

My company MEYER REI LLC. Has dozens of domestic 1099 callers. He provides you with the software and warm leads to close deals all throughout the United States. If you have been challenged to get started in real estate, this is your chance with the opportunity to receive coaching and support, to help you become successful! Want to join? Sign up! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevWwFwKafZEvIy1bKb2FRlA8b5g3s8-aD2uB5jdF3sH8rqeQ/viewform

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