Turkish Real Estate Buying Trends | STRAIGHT TALK Ep.92

Buying Real Estate
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In this episode of Straight Talk, Cameron Deggin shares his insights into the Turkish Real Estate Market, and they breakdown the trends and patterns that really matter for Turkish Investors.

(00:00) Introduction
(01:00) What’s happening with property prices?
(02:20) Under Construction VS Resale
(03:00) Why did we recommend Under construction projects before?
(04:25) What is the trend today?
(05:15) Why do we advise you to buy resale properties?
(07:55) Where we can help our investors?
(10:10) What to do if the developer changes the price?
(15:00) Is there an opportunity in the resale market?
(18:25) How to deal with a tenant?
(25:30) Outro
Thanks for watching.

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