Buying a $600,000 Apartment in NYC at 24 Years Old | Cost Breakdown, Process, Criteria

Buying Real Estate
I bought an apartment in NYC! In this video I break down why I bought the apartment, what my criteria was, what the process looked like, and exactly how much I had to pay upfront and month-to-month. I’ll be sharing more details on the renovation process and an apartment tour when finished. Let me know if there are any other videos you’d be interested in seeing! See below for my video from last time on apartment hunting in NYC.

➫ Previous Apartment Hunting Video:

0:00 Overview of Video
0:30 Why I Bought an Apartment
1:33 Criteria for Choosing an Apartment
4:00 Process of Buying an Apartment
5:40 Price Breakdown
7:42 Conclusion
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