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Buying Real Estate
Can foreigners own Land in the Philippines and how much does Land cost in the Philippines? Welcome back to The Armstrong Family Vlog. In this special reveal we discuss our purchase of Land in the province and what are expected outcome is building a house in the province. Owning Land in the Philippines is restricted to citizens of the Philippines so therefore foreigners cannot ever own the land but they can own the house or dwelling. My Filipina wife has recently purchased 488 sqm. of Land in the ilocos Sur province of the Philippines for 1500 pesos a sqm. There are many factors involved in the purchase of Land in the Philippines such as location. The more offset the location is the cheaper the price. The more amenities offered in a development the more expensive. Lots can range from 500 pesos a sqm all the way up to 50k pesos a sqm. As a foreigner here in the Philippines safety is also a concern so we took that into consideration with looking for land. Over the coming 2 to 3 years we will be slowly transitioning into the building and acquisition of our home. We will reveal our design here in a couple of days and will welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

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