Housing Bubble 2.0 – Blackstone Stops Buying in 38 Markets: 3rd Foreclosure Wave – US Housing Crash

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Housing Bubble 2.0 – Blackstone Stops Buying in 38 Markets: 3rd Foreclosure Wave – US Housing Crash

We have gone from all the mainstream media pushing Home Price Appreciation, to now trying to estimate the amount of Price and Value declines. With all the talk, no one is mentioning or considering the amount of potential Foreclosures and how that volume will affect and change the US Housing Market. This video discusses the 3rd Wave of Foreclosures that will be as a result of all the issues surrounding the first and second Foreclosure Waves, as well as the general correction in price points due to the pressure in the US Housing Market.

This channel discusses recent articles, data and information about the Housing Bubble, Housing Crash, Home Prices, Forbearance, Foreclosures and Short Sales.

Additionally there is a focus on Mortgage Delinquencies, Mortgage Rates, FHA Loans, Real Estate Investing, and Housing Market Predictions for 2022 and Beyond.

Today is August 29th 2022 and Randy will discuss the following topics:

Blackstone Pulls Back from Purchasing Property in 38 Regional Markets
Foreclosure Tsunami 3rd Wave


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Housing Bubble 2.0

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