BURL Method: Maximize Your Lifestyle & Real Estate Rental Income

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The B.U.R.L Method stands for Buy, Utility, Rent, and Luxury. However, what does this acronym mean? In this video, Toby Mathis will explain how to maximize your lifestyle and real estate rental income without renting your luxury.

Somehow it feels straightforward forward, but there is more to this cluster of words than meets the eye if you’re a beginner in the world of finances.

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I would prefer to look at the best use of those dollars 9:28

Everyone has their needs, wants, and wishes, but there are various ways you can pay for those items through passive income. Instead of renting out your luxury house, maybe you can sell it and reallocate it into passive assets.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
0:33 What is the B.U.R.L Method
5:51 Passive Income sources
10:33 Rule of 5%
13:50 Needs, Wants, Wishes
20:21 Summary



Claim Your FREE 45-minute Investment Strategy Session to receive business planning tips and asset protection. 👉 https://aba.link/tobyss


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