The FED Just CRASHED The Housing Market | Housing Bubble 2022

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The FED Just CRASHED The Housing Market | Housing Bubble 2022

The Fed might just be sending us towards a housing market crash in 2022. Ever since mortgage rates surged we’ve entered into a housing market bubble and now prices are already starting to decline. We’ve seen a real estate market correction of 4.1% nationwide so far and some experts are already calling for a complete housing market collapse. These are just their housing market predictions but in today’s video, we’ll discuss what’s actually going in this latest housing market update.


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According to the latest housing market news, new listings are down 12% year over year. Yet despite this, active listings continue to surge upward. We’ve been seeing supply increase at a fast rate ever since mortgage rates went up and that has made a lot of people wonder will housing market crash? Well many experts have released their housing market forecast and most at a minimum expert a housing market cooling. But is it possible to see a housing crash coming? Well recently we heard from Fed Officials that despite inflation seemingly starting to cool down, they still intend to continue interest rate hikes into 2023. This will definitely have a negative effect on the economy and as a result, potentially cause a housing crash should they do this. We’re already seeing a housing market correction taking place nationwide but some markets are feeling it worse than others. For instance San Francisco is already seeing prices down over 11% and seem primed to experience a real estate crash. Markets like Boise and Austin have already seen house prices crash around 6-10%. So what is my real estate market forecast? Well so far it’s not looking good for the housing market. We’re going to have to continue to follow what the FED does with it’s monetary policy and see where mortgage rates are headed. If rates go up and the fed stays aggressive, then a property crash is inevitable.

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