10 “High Cash Flow” Real Estate Markets of 2022

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Is your real estate market a cash flow market or an appreciation market? It’s safe to say that almost every US city saw extreme appreciation over the past two years. But that’s not always such a good thing. Investors are feeling pinched, trying to figure out how they’re going to pay their bills and keep a portion of the profit. States that were once seeing high cash flow, now are barely breaking even. What cities have any cash flow left, and which are worth investing in?

We’ve got our data detective, Dave Meyer, on the case to find which markets make the most sense for cash-flow-first real estate investors. To no surprise, most of these real estate markets are in the Midwest or south of the United States—historically high cash flow markets. But, interestingly enough, many of these markets have also seen serious appreciation, meaning that there is the potential to get the best of both worlds in just one deal.

Looking for even more cash flow markets? Dave’s team has put together a top 100 list of the most cash-flowing markets in the United States, stretching from coast to coast. Download the list for free by clicking on the link below!

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00:00 Timestamp: Can You Still Find Cash Flow?
01:51 Timestamp: It’s True…Cash Flow is Falling
04:49 Timestamp: The Top 10 Cash Flow Markets
05:04 Timestamp: 10. Milwaukee, WI
07:27 Timestamp: 9. Philadelphia, PA
07:45 Timestamp: 8. Indianapolis, IN
08:23 Timestamp: 7. Memphis, TN
08:52 Timestamp: 6. Akron, OH
09:14 Timestamp: 5. Macon, GA
09:23 Timestamp: 4: Orland Park, IL
09:48 Timestamp: 3. Cleveland, OH
10:25 Timestamp: 2. Shreveport, LA
11:32 Timestamp: 1. Detroit, MI
12:25 Timestamp: Get the Top 100 Cash Flow List!

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