Top 10 Cities Where Home Prices will Crash (Record SURGE in Homes For Sale)

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Inventory is EXPLODING across the US Housing Market. Sellers are Panicking. Home Prices are Dropping. Particularly in these 10 Cities where the Housing Crash is getting much worse.

Homes for Sale are spiking most in the Housing Markets that boomed during the pandemic. Cities like Nashville, Las Vegas, and Austin have the most Homes for Sale sitting vacant. Sellers are getting very desperate in these metros because the Homebuyer shave disappeared.

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10. Nashville, TN – inventory in Nashville is up an astounding 120% YoY while Price Cuts are surging.

09. Las Vegas, NV – Real Estate investors have abandoned the Las Vegas Housing Market. Over 67% of the Listings have a Price Cut.

08. Sacramento, CA – Homes For Sale are up over 70% in Sacramento YoY. Wealthy buyers from San Francisco have stopped coming.

07. Seattle, WA – Higher mortgage rates are causing Seattle’s Housing Market to crash. The typical cost of homeownership is now over $50,000 per year.

06. Tampa, FL – is another Real Estate Market where Investors are giving up, resulting in a nearly 100% Increase in Homes for Sale.

05. Austin, TX – arguably America’s Biggest Housing Bubble, Austin could see a 40% Home Price Crash when all is said and done.

04. Raleigh, NC – Sellers are rushing to list in Raleigh, where Inventory is up nearly 140% YoY. The tech buyers who loved the market because of Apple and Google are drying up.

03. Colorado Springs, CO – Home Prices in Colorado Springs have become way too expensive. Inventory is up 150% YoY and the Housing Crash has started.

02. Phoenix, AZ – the Phoenix Housing Market is in deep trouble. Inventory is hitting near record levels while Wall Street Investors are preparing to sell.

01. Boise, ID – the 1st City to experience the Housing Crash. Boise, ID now has more inventory than it ever has according to


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