Ryan Luter our team member in St. Louis just cleared our flip there and it was very profitable. Take a look

The Deal Funders
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Gary was born in Arkansas and raised in Missouri most of his life. He has always been his own boss and only did contract work through the years. He and his wife Tiffany have 7 beautiful children. One girl 6 boys. He graduated college in Springfield, MO. He started a construction company right out of college and built it to a nation wide mechanical pipe insulation company. His company isolated pipes in many Coca-Cola plants across the country. He removed asbestos from places like Ft. Lauderdale City Hall and 200ft tall towers from Formosa Plastic in Baton Rouge, LA.

During the mid eighties, while traveling for his Construction Company, Gary was developing his real estate business. He actively bought, renovated and sold many properties over the years. In 2000 Gary sold Value Builders, Inc. to a construction company expanding into pipe insulation. He relocated to Hawaii where he met his beautiful wife, Tiffany. She was born and raised in Hawaii and is the principal broker of their real estate brokerage company, Aloha Paradise Realty.

In 2001, Gary started Value Remodeling, LLC and in the last 13 years has built most of the UPS stores on the islands, three Subway restaurants and many residential properties.

Through The Finest Place Inc., one of their Investment companies in their group of entities, they have acquired 5 mobile home parks, close to 100 individual mobile homes and also an assisted living facility in Florida. In all, 9 commercial and 13 residential properties.

In 2009, Gary and Tiffany became instructors for The James Smith Company and for Wealthrock Inc. They have mentored and taught thousands of people all over the U.S. the correct real estate strategies for today’s market. They realized that raising the capital for acquisitions was a big problem for the people they educated. That lead to the birth of The Deal Funders to help these trained real estate investors fund their deals. In the last 5 years, over 200 of the investors trained by The Deal Funders have become company team members doing research and due diligence.

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