Heat up your next get-together with these cold-weather must-haves

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New Yorkers have no chill when it comes to creating a safe place for friends and family to gather this holiday season. That’s why locals are turning to products — outdoor-entertaining must-haves, like fire tables, heat lamps and heater furniture — to warm things up.

“With the wind and rain, it got pretty chilly, but with three of the heaters going, we were comfortable,” said Angie Camus, a Queens resident who recently invested in outdoor heaters to safely host friends. “It was so much fun, and so nice for everyone to be able to be together. Now I know that if we want to host a Secret Santa gift exchange or even a New Year’s Eve party, we can.” 

She isn’t alone: Patio heaters were one of the most-searched products from August through October 2020 on Wayfair, a spokesperson told The Post. In fact, virtually every company selling these products reports similar spikes in searches and sales.

But not all outdoor heaters are created equally: Check out our guide to the best of the best below.

Fire table

A Sunbeam aluminum propane/natural gas fire pit.
Night falls over a Sunbeam aluminum propane/natural gas fire pit.

What is it: While a fire pit has one purpose, a fire table doubles as a piece of furniture that can be used even when not aflame. And while open flame fire pits are often illegal in NYC, these often skirt those rules.

Cost: Options on Wayfair soar to $8,500 for a massive resonate concrete, 75,000 BTU fire table, but most propane options ( like this Sunbeam aluminum model and this Farlend steel table) run between $300 and $700.

Where to get it: Wayfair, Lowe’s, and Home Depot all have available stock online. Home furnishing stores like West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and CB2 also sell fire tables.

Does it work: Heat output varies depending on the BTUs generated by the table, which tends to be 40,000 to 65,000 for average models — more than enough for a small patio or deck. One BTU is equivalent to the flame of a single candle. 

Heat lamp

A patio heater from Wayfair.
A patio heat lamp from Wayfair stands tall.

What are my options? There are thousands of different heat lamps on the market, ranging from electric wall-mounted units and hanging pendants to the standard propane-powered umbrella lamps and towers.

Cost: Price point varies greatly depending on what you buy. Umbrella lamps tend to be the most economical, with options available from major retailers for around $200, but the higher end runs into the thousands of dollars.

Where to get it: Unfortunately for bargain-hunters, most umbrella heat lamps are out of stock at major retailers like Home Depot, Amazon and Wayfair, but determined shoppers will be able to find a suitable substitute with a little extra research.

Does it work: Heat lamps are the best bet for a strong heat source. Steinberg’s 41,000 BTU lamp, for example, can heat an area 18 feet in diameter and will run up to 10 hours on the highest setting.

Solo Stove

Hunters around a Solo Stove.
When camo isn’t keeping you warm, it’s Solo Stove to the rescue.
Solo Stove

What is it: If you’ve looked at a single photo of a backyard renovation on Instagram in the last six months, you’ve likely been served an ad for this stainless steel ring of fire. Portable, durable and available in three sizes, the Solo Stove has earned a cult following thanks to a patented airflow technology, allowing for a smokeless fire that’s super easy to start.

Cost: The 15-inch Ranger is $269.99, the 19½-inch Bonfire is $349.99, and the 27-inch Yukon is $599.99.

Where to get it: The stoves and accessories are sold direct through Solo Stove. Currently, all three sizes will ship within a week of ordering.

Does it work: If 4,700 five-star reviews are any indication, heck yes this thing works. The double-walled structure has a ring of holes at the bottom to suck in air to fuel the fire, while vents near the top reduce smoke. Hatter notes that a Solo Stove fire can burn at 700 to 1,000 degrees, so prepare to move your chair back.

Heated furniture

An orange Helios Lounge.
Talk about blazing saddles — this Helios Lounge will pleasingly warm your tush.
Galanter & Jones

What is it: San Francisco design studio Galanter & Jones has created a line of radiantly heated outdoor furniture — including super-smooth, cast-concrete loungers, chairs and even tables. They all reach a toasty 120 degrees. 

Cost: These elegant pieces don’t come cheap. The scooped Apollo Chair is available for pre-order at $900, while the best-selling Helios Lounge, which seats four, sells for $7,900.

Where to get it: The line is available direct through Galanter & Jones, but expect to wait. Lead time is typically six to eight weeks, but due to high demand, many pieces are selling out before they’re even delivered to the brand’s SF headquarters.

Does it work: If you have the cash, Galanter & Jones is a worthy investment. Fans liken sitting on the furniture to being wrapped in a sleeping bag and reviews note that it will keep you comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt on a 50-degree night.

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