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Welcome to Beazer’s video series for real estate agents about the benefits of learning to sell new. This was designed with real estate in mind, so please let us know what questions you’d like answered about selling new homes.

Let’s start with the advantages of new. A recent survey among perspective homebuyers states that the following benefits are advantages of new homes over resale. If these are important to your clients, then you may want to recommend checking out new homes.

• Quality of Construction — A new home is built up to the most recent standards and codes. This means safer, healthier living. Your clients will know they are getting up-to-date, quality construction.
• Ability to personalize — Flooring, cabinets, countertops and more — these are all things the buyer will get to pick when they buy a newly constructed home and is ready when they move in.
• Flexible floorplan design — They can pick the floorplan and structural options that suits their lifestyle and living situation. With a new home you don’t have to “make-do” on a less than ideal layout.
• Low cost of maintenance — new homes are just that…new. So instead of owners spending their time and money remodeling and fixing things up, they can move-in and know that it is complete to their liking.
• Energy Efficient — 100% of Beazer homes meet and exceed Energy Star’s latest standards. That equals lower operating costs than a typical resale, saving the owner money after move-in.
• More living space — New homes typically have larger rooms and open layouts compared to older homes.

There you have it. Obviously, I could go on and on about why a new home would be better for your client. Once you get past price and location, these are the top reasons new construction should be considered during their home search.

Thanks for joining today. Be sure to join us for the next edition where we’ll discuss the buying process and how you make the sale.

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