Real Estate Investing Strategies: How to Make A LOT MORE MONEY Using The Bank’s Money!

Investment Strategies
Real Estate Investing for Beginners means Learning as much as you can, so you can Make as Much MONEY as you possibly can! There are few Real Estate Investing Strategies that can make You as MUCH MONEY as Understanding Debt Leveraging and Mortgage Financing. Whether you’re a Beginner or you own a Couple of Rental Properties, Successful Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Millionaires know that Successful Investing Requires the knowledge to know how to Invest in Real Estate. Welcome to Real Estate Investing 101. Class is in Session!

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This video will give you a glimpse into:
Why you want to use the Bank’s Money, rather than your own Money,
How much MORE Money you can make by using the Bank’s Money to create Debt Leverage,
Reviewing some actual Examples of how Debt Leveraging Works, and
How Using the Bank’s Money can Spread Your Risk and Protect You Against a Bad Investment.

LINK to our Video on “Calculating Cash-on-Cash Returns”:
LINK to our Video on “Real Estate Market Cycles”:
LINK to our Video on “Identifying Where to Buy”:
LINK to our Video on “Confidently Calculating ‘Comps'”:
LINK to our Video on “6 Ways to Increase Cash Flow”:

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Like every video on this CONFIDENT REAL ESTATE channel, this video attempts to help you increase your knowledge about real estate investing, with the hope that we can provide you with greater Confidence as you continue to build your portfolio, and ultimately find the confidence required to achieve real success.

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