Selling Positions Against Tradition For Success in Real Estate

Selling Real Estate
Presenting features and benefits is okay, but taking Positions Against Tradition (PAT) is the next-level in selling.

From John Kennedy to Martin Luther King, every great leader in business and politics was a master at persuading us that his/her “better way” was the right way, that our traditional view of how it should be done was outdated and wrong.

Unlike obnoxious politicians who slam each other personally, in PAT you critique the outdated processes your competitors use, not your competitors themselves. This is one of the most powerful persuasion techniques on earth when you develop the skill.

Are you struggling along selling real estate the same old outdated way? Learn a more advanced, non traditional approach to wake up excited, earn a bundle and have a darn good time doing it. Call us at Real Estate Mavericks… 480-998-9900.

The only real question… Is there a Maverick in You?

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