Housing Market Crash 2021: UNBELIEVABLE Info About Fix and Flip Market @7 Figure Flipping

Welcome back to the Kwak Brothers housing market crash 2021 update for September 22, 2020, and in this video, we brought on Bill Allen from @7 Figure Flipping to get into the housing market crash 2021, how you can win with fix and flip in this real estate market, and we also dive into the housing market crash 2021, how the real estate bubble will benefit real estate investors looking to get into flipping houses, and an overall analysis for house flipping in this housing market crash 2021. Bill goes into detail about the housing market crash 2021 and how that is going to play into his business when it comes to fix and flip style of real estate investing, how long will this red hot housing market will last, and how to find opportunities during a housing market crash 2021. Also, Bill breaks down his future predictions of the housing market and provides great tips on how to find real estate deals to fix and flip and how to become a house flipper during a housing market crash 2020.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Bill’s outlook for the housing market
2:00 How long will this housing market last?
5:01 A special guest
6:48 Opportunity during a market correction?
14:00 Future predictions of the housing market

Bill’s outlook on the housing market is the best he has ever seen, maybe not for a realtor, but for a house flipper, it is a golden opportunity. With the lockdown, people are beginning to realize that their homes are their sanctuary. So many people have been realizing their homes may not be their ideal living situation. And currently, for Bill’s business of house flipping, it’s very very good because of the high demand.

Bill also doesn’t believe that this real estate market will last forever. Inside the house flipping community, they want to get in and out as fast as they can because of the uncertainty in the housing market. There is a lot of people being affected by the repercussions of the current housing market situation, but we have yet to see the tangible effects of this market correction. Bill also gets into analyzing the real estate market to find opportunities to invest. When we start seeing the housing market crash 2020, a lot of the existing properties that have already gone through the fix and flip process, home prices may fall. So in that case, pivoting is important if you are looking to get into house flipping. Bill wants to drive the point home about the housing market crash 2020 during this housing market update, don’t wait, act now, and get moving towards your goals of house flipping.
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