Housing Update | November 2020 | North Texas Real Estate Market

Selling Real Estate
Surprise… we still have the lowest Inventory since January 2003 and is as far back as my data goes. If you are thinking about selling now might just be that time. If you are thinking of buying now might just be the cheapest time to buy with interest rates as low as they are. Either way, give me a call to discuss a plan for you.

Contact us and more info about Jordan here: www.JordanBellinger.com

Boring Legal Stuff:
I am Jordan Bellinger with The Bacon Bellinger Real Estate Group at Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors. I know that’s long, but legally I have to say that. I also need to tell you that you can go to www.trecdocs.com to find more disclosures that I must tell you about.

Now that we have all the boring legal stuff out of the way you should go check out my videos here, Facebook page( www.FB.com/jrbellinger ), and Instagram (@jordanbellinger). Follow along for best real estate information out there.

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