Tom FlipAnythingUSA Review of Phil Pustejovsky 3 Surprising Covid19 Impacts on Flipping Houses

Tom FlipAnythingUSA Review of Phil Pustejovsky 3 Surprising Covid19 Impacts on Flipping Houses. Phil Pustejovsky discusses his view on 3 surprising impacts of the Covid19 crisis. So I walk through each one and share my thoughts on his comments I do not agree with all of his views. I have been flipping properties for more than 30 years and started when I was 19 years old. I hold and maintain more than 100,000 sf of rentals of various kinds commercial, residential, office, industrial, residential and land acreage and lots. There are many Real estate mentors and not all are credible.
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Phil Pustejovsky 3 Surprising COVID19 Impacts on Flipping Houses

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