Zuckerberg Planning a Real Estate Buying Spree – 1st step, Bankrupt Landlords – Here’s How.

Buying Real Estate
Zuckerberg is spending over $10,000,000 on prop 15 to bankrupt landlords. A bill to increase real estate taxes as much as 10X what they currently are! Why? So Facebook can buy all of the distressed Real Estate.

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Mark Zuckerberg has a plan and this plan includes buying real estate in mass scale across the state of California. He is in support of increasing everyones property taxes on properties that are valued at 3M or more. Increasing everyones taxes in these uncertain times will likely bankrupt tens of thousands of landlords across the state of California. Many landlords and real estate investors buy properties so that they can pass them along to their children. With a new tax base right now will equal to higher rents during the eviction moratorium when people do not have to pay rent. I see a massive real estate crash coming and so does Zuckerberg. In fact Zuckerberg is doing his part to ensure it happens.

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