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Today’s professional workplace is continuing to undeniably undergo a dramatic transformation.

Since the onset of the pandemic, companies have been required to evolve countless practices and implement new policies for a positive impact on the industry and continued success.

Companies across all industries have transitioned to full online operations, added innovative technology for streamlined processes, shifted to remote work and re-imagined workspaces. While providing employees with frequent short-term and long-term outlooks, certain companies have even altered their services to fill new industry needs.

Furthermore, companies are working harder than ever to ensure employee safety, health and satisfaction, during this time.

In effort to remain a credible place to work, companies have employed further attentiveness toward the well-being and success of employees. By staying on top of workplace trends and catering to professionals’ current desires, such companies strive to better accommodate staff.

Offering enhanced, transparent communication, thoughtful employee engagement programing, new diversity initiatives and complimentary lifestyle offerings, these companies have earned a new respect from professionals in these unprecedented times.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, said companies additionally earned distinguished and respected reputations by cultivating positive environments, fostering dynamic workforces, promoting healthy work/life balance and offering infinite professional development opportunities. These companies often additionally impact broader communities through company-wide, non-profit initiatives.

As a trusted source of insight into the commercial real estate community, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum will identify and recognize the most respected and rewarding workplaces that achieve outstanding performance for our Best Places to Work in CRE series.

In order to determine what makes a workplace “the best” and offer results catered to the commercial real estate industry, GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum is accepting nominations on behalf of respected companies. We will base our selection on information and data collected from the viewpoint of satisfied employees.

We will recognize firms for their outstanding performance across areas, such as leadership quality, diversity initiatives, community outreach and family-friendly environments.

The series is open to companies which operate in commercial real estate and related fields, as well as firms with broader operations and commercial real estate departments.

We will profile commercial real estate’s Best Places to Work in GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum’s March/April Leadership Issue.

The deadline for nominations is December 11, 2020. To apply, click here.

You may access the series’ FAQs, here.

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