Flipping Commercial Properties

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This is episode #422, and my guest today is Cherif Medawar.

Cherif is a member of my Investor Fuel real estate mastermind, and when he first joined and shared some of the things he does in real estate, he blew the minds of some of America’s most successful investors.

It’s rare that we talk about a topic on this show that hasn’t come up before, after 422 episodes, but today is one of those episodes. Cherif is going to share with us how to flip commercial properties for big profits. The concept is just as easy to understand as wholesaling residential properties, except your profits may have more commas and zeros!

We all drive past vacant commercial properties…probably every single day. We sometimes forget that the owners of those commercial properties may be suffering from some of the same issues that traditional home owners have. Divorce, health issues or financial issues. They may have had a very long term tenant in the property previously that had a triple net lease, and the landlord didn’t have to do anything. But now that the tenant is gone, they may have absolutely no idea what to do next.

I don’t want to steal our thunder from the show…so let’s get started.

Please help me welcome Cherif Medawar to the show!

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