How to Flip Your First House

This is one of my 19 flips we have going at the moment. It may seem overwhelming to think you can flip one house, let alone multiple houses at once, but it may not be as difficult as you think.

When buying as an owner occupant it is actually much easier to flip a house than buying as an investor. Some of you may be asking but how does an owner occupant get a great deal? I forgot to mention this in the video but it is often easier for owner-occupants to get great deals as well!

Owner-occupants can pay more for houses than house flipper can. They can pay more because they do not have all the costs a flipper has. They are living in the home and would have those same expenses; interest, taxes, insurance, if they lived a house they are flipping or a house they are just living in. Even when paying rent those costs are usually built into the rent payment. An owner-occupant can also save money doing some of the work themselves.

If flipping a house seems like an impossible goal, buying as an owner occupant might be the way to break into the business.

You can find my new book 101 House Flipping tips here:

You can see the before video on this house here:

How to find contractors:

How to use hard money:

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