Italian Real Estate – Buying Property in Italy

Buying Real Estate
The Italian Citizenship Podcast Ep. 16:
Italian Real Estate – Buying Property In Italy.

In this episode, hosts Marco Permunian, an Italian Lawyer and content creator, Rafael Di Furia discuss how to buy a home in Italy. When thinking about purchasing property in Italy, there are many factors to consider which many people from outside of Italy may not be accustomed to. Moving to Italy and becoming an expat in Italy, creating a life in Italy can present a number of situations that may be new to you.

Becoming a property owner in Italy is one way of having your piece of the Italian way of life. Owning property in Italy gives you the possibility of having a space that you can call your own in one of many dream destinations around Italy.

For help with buying a home in Italy feel free to visit

For help with the Italian citizenship process and more information about Italian Citizenship Assistance visit ICA’s website

To contact Italian Attorney Marco Permunian and his team of real estate experts, dual-citizenship experts and attorneys

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