Single Family Investing Strategy To RETIRE Early

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Investing in Single Family real estate is my favourite financial vehicle for building passive income and wealth – but how can you retire early from this investment strategy?

Can you really get enough cash flow from Single Family properties?

When you want to retire early from real estate investing, the strategy most talked about is investing in Multi Family buildings. And it’s true, most real estate investor’s do retire early thanks to their large buildings.

The benefit to Multi Family investing is the number of tenants you can acquire. When you have many tenants living under one roof, the income is generally much higher than what a Single Family home can generate.

However, with more tenants comes more responsibilities – as well as many more expenses.

But lets flip it …

If you’re looking for a very boring and stress free business, investing in Multi Family real estate is likely NOT for you – unless you want to a build a sophisticated business and team to run the entire show for you while you kick your feet up in Hawaii, which if definitely possible!

But for the average investor, building a real estate empire that runs on autopilot isn’t always realistic.

This is where Single Family investing comes into play. Investing in a Single Family rental is something any investor can do – novice all the way to expert.

But let’s answer the question that you’re dying to find out – “how can I retire early from buying Single Family rentals?”

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