Buying, Renovating & Selling a 6-Unit Multifamily Investment Property | Real Estate Ride Along Ep. 1

Buying Real Estate
In this episode, real estate investors Chris Lopez & Terrance Doyle take us on a walkthrough of a 6-unit multi-family investment property that Terrance and his team are in the middle of flipping. They go over the key items to pay attention to when considering what to renovate and update such as location, layout, and tenant needs.

After the tour, Chris & Terrance head back to the office to do a complete investment property deal analysis of the transaction to show you carrying and operating costs during the rehab as well as the potential the building has once they are able to get market rents.

Finally, they run through the numbers from the perspective of the buyer/investor who they plan to sell to and show how you can get an almost 23% return on your money after the first year!

This is the Real Estate Ride Along Show.

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