Medellin House And Apartment Tour | Buying Real Estate In Colombia | Part 2 (2020)

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Apartment 1:
House 1:

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You asked for it, and we deliver! We will take you on an apartment AND house tour this time!

We will show you 2 different apartments and 2 houses. The houses are located in El Poblado, and the apartments in Sabaneta.

We had a lot of requests from you guys to see some houses.
Please be aware, that houses in Colombia are not like houses in other countries like the US for instance. Even if you live in a house you’ll still share the walls with your neighbors.
On top of that, there are not nearly as many houses as apartments. It is a lot easier to get a nice apartment in a good and safe neighborhood, keep that in mind when thinking about getting a house in Medellin.

Find out more about the real estate market in Colombia:

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? House and apartment listing:

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