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Buying Real Estate
learn how Chandler bought a law office and how you can get in to investing in commercial real estate.

Chandler Smith now owns 71 doors of rental real estate and has been an active real estate investor for more than 6 years. He has dealt with the best and the worst of investing in real estate. In this video, Chandler talks about the props and cons of investing in commercial office space. Chandler talks about the pros and cons of a triple net lease and shows you how to analyze a commercial property. This video is interesting because this is the only property in Chandlers portfolio that he doesn’t have sole ownership of. Chandler talks about why he got involved with partners and how this move hedged his bet in commercial real estate and opened up a huge value add opportunity with this deal. This video will help you understand the pros and cons of investing in commercial real estate, show you how to get creative in putting together a deal, and give you the understanding you need to jump in to your first commercial property.

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