#87 Talking Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers – Buying and selling properties.

Selling Real Estate
We begin the talk with a very interesting History with Manny segment and that leads into the real estate market is not going to crash and our guests explain why. The investment in properly marketing your property is paramount in the buy and selling of real estate and our guests share all of those key details. Let’s discuss what people should be buying and for how much and why. The beauty and benefits of being a landlord and looking at getting others to pay your total mortgage and keep your cash flow in the positive. There is a lot of work to get everything set up but the payoff can be massive. We get right into the financial numbers of what is required for lending approvals for every property, Michelle breaks all of the associated details. The conversation of retirement for contractors is a topic that always comes up in our shows and yet again we discuss having that pension, those savings to secure your future. We get financial terminology with key things such as Gross Debt Service Ratio and what the lenders look at when it comes to you as a buyer. You have to look at your financial statement in percentages and what you can afford and expect to pay off. Then we get into the lovely world of flipping properties, all the good, the bad and the ugly. We end the show bringing up a bunch of renovations details that are worth it or not worth it, great replies from our guests. Bottom line, you want to succeed in real estate? You need to know Lot Location Layout and the right real estate agent and the right mortgage broker.

We wrap up this show with a brand new segment and we call it, the Ten Questions of Construction, you will love how our guests will answer these questions.
Don’t forget we have Construction History from Manny at the beginning of the show, Building Code Talk with Manny at the midpoint and Green Book Talk with Carlito at the near end.
Thank You so much Anthony and Michelle for joining the show and sharing so much great insight about properties, real estate, loans, mortgages and more. Find them at @thecaputogroup.realestate www.thecaputogroup.ca [email protected] 416 938-7771 and find Michelle @mlfarrugia and @cognitive.capital and www.cognitivecapital.ca 647 355-1823
Thank you to Mark from @skyluxeroofing for letting us record the show in his breakroom and welcome him and his guys always walking through the recording. Give Mark and his solid crew a call for your next roofing, cladding, ACM project.
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