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See how to find, negotiate, purchase, and increases rents on a fourplex. This video shows Chandlers experience with his 8th real estate investment where he purchased two four plexes in one deal.

In the last five years, chandler has purchased one condo, multiple homes, two duplex’s, five fourplexes, one eightplex, a 24-plex and two commercial buildings now totaling 60 doors of buy-and-hold real estate. When Chandler started investing in real estate, everyone he talked to had a different opinion on the best way to invest. After years of investing and trying single family, multi-family, residential apartments, and commercial buildings, these videos share all of everything chandler has learn along the way.

In this video Chandler shares how he negotiated down the prices on these two fourplexes. He talks about different negotiation tactics, doings the proper inspections, adding value to the property and raising rents. this video was created to help you know how to put together the perfect deal on a buy and hold four plex.
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