Real Estate Is Getting Smacked…Again – This Time It’s The Office Market

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The commercial real estate market is getting hit with the work from home culture shifting office demand. In this video, we go over the work from home shift, how to find a work from home job, and how it affects the real estate market.
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Commercial Real Estate Is Getting Smacked…Again – This Time It’s The Office Market
0:28 – The temporary work from home trend is turning into a permanent work from home culture
1:00 – The demand for office space is falling
3:08 – The shift in the future of office life
4:21 – How to find a remote work from home job
5:10 – How to learn and refine your skills thanks to our sponsor Skillshare
6:10 – How the work from home shift is going to affect the commercial real estate market
7:35 – Why companies will change their office culture in the future e
8:11 – Why we could see office prices come down and how you can find the opportunity in this shift
8:51 – The growth of cowering offices like WeWork

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Video host: Jaspreet Singh

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