Buying real estate in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Buying Real Estate
Foreign ownership of property in Thailand

Chiang Mai Property Market
Chiang Mai is a city at the edge of the mountains in northern Thailand and it’s a top-rated location for international retirement as well as a destination for digital nomads looking to save money while working online. Its Old City area still retains the walls and moats from its history as a cultural and religious center. The nearby mountains are a great escape from the city where you can enjoy the beauty and nature of northern Thailand.

I had a chance to interview Brian DeVore, the RE/MAX Skyline managing director about Buying real estate in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Brian has been a resident of Chiang Mai Thailand for almost 10 years and has been involved in real estate in Chiang Mai for 5 years.
Brian had a lot of information about foreign ownership of property in Thailand.

Here are the questions I asked Brian in the interview:

– Is Chiang Mai a good city for real estate investment?
– What is the best area for property investment in Chiang Mai?
– What is the cost of a good condominium investment in Thailand?
– Can you save money by buying a home just outside of town?
– How much will a house or Condo just outside of town cost?
– Can a foreigner own a condo in Thailand?
– Can a foreigner own a house in Thailand?
– Can a foreigner buy property in Thailand?
– Can a foreigner buy property through a company in Thailand?

If you are interested in the Chiang Mai Property market or if you are interested in investing in Chiang Mai real estate then you will find this video helpful. We talk about Chiang Mai condos for sale as well as land and houses in Chiang Mai.

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