Real Estate Investment Strategy during Recession

Investment Strategies
Real Estate Investment Strategy during Recession

Financial Market Updates and What to Do if You’re an Investor

It’s official. We’re in a recession

Q2 GDP came in at -.9%

Q1 GDP was also negative

So The technical definition of a recession has been met

Although The white house is trying to redefine the definition of a recession. They’re basically saying “our economy doesn’t identify as a recession” lol. That’s a topic for another video.

In this video we will talk about what YOU should do, given the current state of the market, so stay tuned till the end!

0:00 Recession Breakdown
3:23 Back to the Basics
4:04 Investing for Cashflow
4:38 Test who you’re investing with
5:48 Syndications and Resources

Links shared in video:

💰Passive Investing and Syndications Playlist

🏠Rental Property Analysis and Calculator

1️⃣Our First Property

🚀 Invest with Arianne

🤝 FREE facebook community – Faster Financial Freedom

✈️ FREE Retire Faster Calculator

❤️ Other Links

🏛️ Real Estate Syndication Playlist


Hi, I’m Arianne, a former medical professional turned real estate investor. I went from 50k in debt at 23 to 10k+/mo in passive income at 27.

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I’m also the Founder of Wealth Gym, where we teach others how to get enough passive income to retire in 10 years or less. Step by Step!

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Financial Market Updates and What to Do if You’re an Investor

Recession 2022

Market crash 2022

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