Your Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Out-of-State Investment Properties

Buying Real Estate
0:00 Intro
3:12 Getting Your Hands on Good Data
5:09 The Investment “Spectrum”
11:44 Why is Cash Flow So Hard to Find?
19:06 Seeing Your Cash Flow in the LONG Run
23:32 Balancing the Benefits of Real Estate
27:22 What Makes a Market Appreciate?
36:35 What to Look for in a Cash-Flow Market
38:46 Found a Great Market, What’s Next?
1:01:28 Furious Four!

Buying out-of-state rental properties may be common for some investors, but it’s not uncommon for many investors to start out buying properties in their home markets. It makes things like neighborhood research, rehabs, and tenant showings so much easier when you’re only a short drive away from your property. That’s how Dave Meyer, VP of Data and Analytics right here at BiggerPockets, feels.

Dave is currently living in Europe and has invested exclusively in Denver, where he used to call home. Now, as an entirely remote landlord, he’s seen the data on how many markets (like Tampa, Florida) are doing phenomenally for appreciation and rent increases. David Greene, out-of-state investor and the man who literally wrote the book on long-distance real estate investing is here to offer some much-needed council.

Plus, they talk about the new tool, our Agent Finder, and how it connects you with investor-friendly agents based on your investing location, strategy and readiness to buy!

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Cash Flow vs. Appreciation: What Experienced Investors Know About the Debate That You Don’t

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