How long does it take to flip a house?

How long does it take to flip a house?


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—– Who is David Dodge & What is his Experience in Real Estate Investing? —–

David Dodge is a Real Estate Investor & Vlogger with over 15 years of experience. He first started investing in Real Estate when he was 21 years old, at the University of Missouri-Columbia. David specializes in Wholesaling Real Estate as well as teaching others how easy it is to learn how they too can Wholesale Real Estate for HUGE PROFITS! David and his team have wholesaled over 500 houses to date and his acquisition company “House Sold Easy” averages about 10 Wholesale deals each and every month.

David also loves to fix-and-flip properties as well as add properties to his rental portfolio. David has over 65 rentals currently and he has a goal to take his rental portfolio to over 150 properties in the next 24-36 months.

David is also the Co-Author of 2 Books “The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate” & “The BRRRR Method”. He is the HOST of the podcast “Discount Property Investor Podcast” that teaches all about wholesaling real estate as well as tons of tips and tricks about real estate marketing, lead generation, and specifically wholesaling real estate.

David and his partners have built an amazing FREE Course on Wholesaling Real Estate and he loves coaching others to learn how simple wholesaling real estate can be. His FREE Wholesaling Real Estate Course can be found here:

—– Want to learn more? David Loves to teach Real Estate Investing! —–

If you are a beginner and are looking for some real estate investing for beginners training videos and or real estate courses then you are in the right spot. David Dodge is a real estate investor with over 15 years of investing experience in real estate investing, wholesale real estate, rental property, fix and flip, and real estate marketing. He has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and has been focused on flipping houses and teaching others how to get started house flipping too!

—– Are You a Real Estate Agent that Is looking to become a Real Estate Investor? —–

Real Estate is such a great place to start a career. Most choose to start by becoming a Real Estate Agent as the barriers to entry are relatively low and easy.. All you have to do is pass your states Real Estate sales or brokerage Exam and you too can get your Real Estate License and become a Real Estate Agent. Once you are a Real Estate Agent or Broker you can start assisting in brokering Real Estate Deals. David Dodge is not currently a Licensed Real Estate Agent and that is PROOF that you do not need to be a Licensed Real Estate Agent in order to be a Real Estate Investor or to participate in Real Estate Investing. If you are currently a Real Estate Agent already then you are already in the game and most likely a few steps ahead… however you do not need to be a real estate agent in order to become a successful entrepreneur wholesaling real estate.

—– Do You want to Become an Expert at Real Estate Wholesaling? —–

When it comes to Real Estate Investing, and Real Estate Wholesaling, learning to Wholesale Real Estate is the first please you should start! Wholesaling Real Estate is really a lead generation business. Or another way to look at the wholesale business is a Real Estate Marketing business! There are lots of real estate courses out there to teach real estate investing for beginners and most of them are pretty worthless. David Dodge has created the BEST real estate course to teach real estate investing for beginners and he gives it away for FREE! Most courses teach you how to get started by flipping houses but really this is a real estate marketing business when it comes to wholesaling and lead generation is the name of the game! House flipping is the product but the business is lead generation and real estate marketing!

—– Are you looking for a Real Estate Coach? —–

When it comes to Wholesaling Real Estate & Real Estate Marketing, having a good coach is very Important! David Dodge has been coaching students on how to wholesale real estate for over 5 years and what makes him such a good coach is that he teaches his students how to Wholesale Real Estate Step By Step!

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