Buying? Real Estate in?? Costa Rica ? the 101 Property,?️ Land, Investment in Costa Rica

Buying Real Estate
Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica the 101 Property, Land, Investment in Costa Rica
Thinking about buying real estate in Costa Rica? Purchasing a property in Costa Rica? Maybe even buy an investment property in Costa Rica or possibly just buy a small piece of land in Costa Rica, a small lot to do whatever; build, grow a garden, start a business etc. There’s a few things you need to know. And this video, ‘Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica the 101 Property, Land, Investment in Costa Rica’ can help get you started by answering some of the FAQs concerning buy property/land in Costa Rica. For example- ‘do you have to be a resident of Costa Rica to purchase real estate or land in Costa Rica? or, how do you find a realtor? You want your hard earned money to work as best as it can so you need to know what you’re getting into when you sign on the dotted line of a real estate transaction. Don’t learn the hard way. Do your homework, your reasearch. Truth is, it will save you money, potentially thousands and frustration. You’d be surprised on how many folks just plunge right into real estate purchases, land purchases, without knowing the basics of buying property here in Costa Rica.

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1:29 Real estate realtors in general, why are they such a Shady Ass bunch of characters here?
2:28 Are realtors licensed?
3:23 Do you have recourse on a bad realtor?
4:00 Is there a Yelp or MLS site for the Costa Rican market?
5:36 How do you find a realtor?
6:16 if you are not a resident of Costa Rica, can you buy own property?
6:30 Bank Loan to foreigners / financing / banking
7:23 Paying CASH $$
7:34 Who should be buying or who shouldn’t be buying?
9:00 How many people come down here to flip houses?
9:40 Do you need a Costa Rica Lawyer?
10:00 How many lawyers need to be involved?
10:35 Are you getting charged more for only speaking English?
11:15 Are there recourse for a bad Costa Rican Lawyer?
11:35 Are there specific real estate lawyers in the country?
 12:30 What are your advise on buying existing properties or building?
12:52 Dan’s top advice on buying property in Costa Rica.
13:34 The level of construction here
14:00 Buying your property “As is”.
14:32 Checking the statues of a property.
14:50 Bad Surprises during Closing on a property
15:35 Are property taxes in CostaRica outrageous?
17:00 Is buying property in Costa Rica a good investment?
17:34 What is the BIGGEST MISTAKE people do?
20:10 Should you put your property in your name or a corporation?

Hope this video, ‘Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica the 101 Property, Land, Investment in Costa Rica’ was of some help regardless where you are in the process of buying real estate in Costa Rica.

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