The 5 Best Real Estate Markets to Invest in During the Pandemic

Investment Strategies
Times of uncertainty sometimes are the best times to reevaluate your strategy and consider new alternatives. These are the NEW top 5 Real Estate Markets to invest in during the pandemic.

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Real Estate Investing, Passive income and Cash Flow will be king during this upcoming crash. Businesses have never felt this level of pain and that being said it will be important to own rental properties in states that offer affordable housing with favorable taxes, good employment opportunity and good weather. These things combined will lead to more demand for rentals.

We see the large exodus from California and New York to places that offer what I just mentioned. In California and New York they offer over priced real estate with very high taxes and unfavorable laws that greatly impact business owners and those that are attempting to conduct business in the state. These business owners are the life line of the state in terms of tax revenue and they are disregarded as the problem. California is now attempting to pass a wealth tax that could have a great impact to the state as successful entrepreneurs would be further incentivized to leave the state.

That being said this is the time to gain a financial education and hold off on the idea of house flipping and instead focus on real estate investing. I personally think Camden NJ and South Jersey offer a lot of opportunity for investors given the low property values in relation to the high rents however the main downside for this state is the property taxes so be sure to factor in the taxes on the deal.

In addition I love Texas, especially Austin as there is a large flood of capital into the city. The cost of living is low and there is no personal income tax, in addition there is a great music scene and a large pool of talent and smart entrepreneurs.

I love Florida, both Miami and Tampa as the tax laws are very favorable, the landlord tenant law is favorable towards business owners and there is a lot of room for growth. In Miami we are seeing a large concentration of tourism as well as a healthy banking system which is great for the overall real estate market. In Tampa the cost of living is 5% below the national average with nearly 20 colleges in the city. Also Clearwater Beach is only thirty minutes away and this is a large tourist attraction.

Finally there is Las Vegas, I personally see this market as being grossly overpriced for the time being and believe there will be a market crash however when that market does in fact crash there will be a ton of opportunity for those investors that are ready, willing and able to buy. The tax laws are favorable and the location in great.

These are the top 5 real estate markets in America during the Pandemic.

What is your favorite real estate market and why?

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