In ‘Because I Said So,’ Johnny and Milly Make Beautiful Music Together at a Charming Venice Bungalow

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To say critics were unkind to the romcom “Because I Said So” (now available to stream on Hulu) would be a gross understatement. The Wall Street Journal claims the 2007 film “constitutes unusually toxic waste” and Rotten Tomatoes rates it a 4% on the Tomatometer, with this descriptor, “Overly reliant on caricatures and lacking any human insight, ‘Because I Said So’ is an unfunny, cliche-ridden mess.” Ouch! Sure, the storyline – meddling mother Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) takes out a personal ad on behalf of her haplessly single daughter, Milly (Mandy Moore), in the hopes of solving her romantic woes – is somewhat forgettable and slightly silly (made even more so by a couple of random musical numbers). But there are some definite high points, including a handful of laugh-out-loud moments, and incredible set design and locations. In fact, bring up the film to anyone and the conversation will invariably turn to the adorable house where Milly’s musician paramour Johnny (Gabriel Macht) lives. Situated on the prolifically beautiful Venice Canals, the property is nothing if not idyllic.

A friend ID’d the attractive abode via a bit of cyberstalking (read: scanning aerial views of the canals) shortly after the movie debuted, eventually taking me to see it in 2012. I was immediately charmed, just as I was the first time it came onscreen in “Because I Said So.” The one-story dwelling somehow manages to stand out despite its insanely gorgeous surroundings. A past real estate listing calls the “one-of-a-kind Venice Canal hideaway” a “gem of a property” with “coveted period grace,” and it truly is. One look and I was ready to move right in!

Built in 1924, the tiny pad is comprised of 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a den, and 1,139 square feet. The small size doesn’t diminish its worth, though, which estimates at a cool $2.25 million. That’s $1,975 a square foot, for those keeping count!

Click on the gallery link above for more Dirt on Johnny’s house.

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